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Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith – Review – 1 week later

It’s been a week since I wrote my review of John Williams’ score for Revenge of the Sith. In that review, I expressed great disappointment in the score, and I accused it of being “boring” and largely without thematic development or direction. Since then, I’ve had several constructive conversations with readers via e-mail as well as with my wife, and ... Read More »

Amazon’s A9 toolbar expands

Amazon’s A9 Search engine today released a toolbar for the Firefox web browser. This is the first major search site to put out a toolbar designed in-house for Firefox, so this is indeed a big deal. For those of you that haven’t tried Firefox OR A9, I suggest trying them both. Read More »


I picked up this term from Doc Searls and his IT Garage (although Dave Winer has been talking about it a lot recently too). The IT Garage link is the more substantial of the two. I’ve just started to keep my eye on this stuff. (I know it seems odd for a self-proclaimed tech geek like me, but I’ve yet ... Read More »