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Trends are the directions in which things tend to move. Fashion, finance, fitness, fanaticism — all follow trends. You can trend up or trend down, be in and out of trends. You can follow trends, set trends, or look for trends. Sometimes trends can pass you by without your even realizing it. Some of the fastest moving trends occur on ... Read More »

seo company

SEO, short for search engine optimization, is one of the original methods for driving traffic to a web site. A good SEO company will generally help you improve your web site's listing in search engine results pages, and this will result in more traffic. Pick your SEO company carefully though, as bad SEO can do a lot of harm and ... Read More »


SaaS — an acronym for software as a service — is a fancy term for software you can use without having to install it on your computer. The software is installed and runs on a server and you access its functionality remotely, often through a browser. Usually this means you pay for the software on a usage basis, rather than ... Read More »


From around the time early man decided to kill two Mammoth, one to eat and the other to trade, advertising was born. No matter how good, useful or lifesaving your product, service or brand is, if no-one knows about it then it’s going to rot like an old Mammoth. Advertisements rely on the skill of the advertiser to recognize their ... Read More »


Adwords is the pay per click advertising engine responsible for most of Google's $21 billion annual revenue. Stripped down it is a very simple system that displays three lines of text and a link alongside search results, with each advert available to the highest bidder. Whilst that may sound simple the process behind it is anything but. Having started as ... Read More »


Humour is the interpretation of a situation or event to find the comedy. Humour is an ability and a basic human reaction and skill that can bring people together. The use of humour can describe uncomfortable or delicate events and conditions and introduce people to subjects the may otherwise normally reject. This can make humour, and it’s more demonstrative relation ... Read More »


Radio is one of the most important inventions of the human race. It’s history is inexorably linked to the recent history of the species and specifically to many of it’s major achievements.  The use of radio waves to send audio information is used everywhere from spaceships to taxicabs.  Radio was considered by some to be outdated and possibly even a ... Read More »

pay per click

Pay Per Click is a type of advertising model whereby you only pay, when your ad is clicked. This is different from other ad models whereby the advertiser pays for every impression of the advert. Pay per click is popular with Internet Advertisers because they can measure the return on investment. This form of advertising model was never previously available ... Read More »


ROI is short for Return On Investment. It is a measurement used to calculate if something is worth doing. I have written this tag description because I expect the return on investment will justify the time it took me to write it. However my calculations may be wrong if nobody clicks on the links in this text. Technorati allows bloggers ... Read More »