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Pat Robertson: Say What??

First saw it on CNN. Then, according to Independent UK: Pat Robertson, one of the most influential Christian evangelists in the United States, has sparked controversy by calling for the assassination of the left-wing leader of Venezuela. Mr. Robertson, who heads the Christian Coalition and has close links to the White House, said the US should kill President Hugo Chavez ... Read More »

Il Divo: Boyband with operatic voices

Well, I was set on buying Michael Buble’s latest album It’s Time when I came across Il Divo – four polished men in suits, and a sticker on the cover that says: The World’s First Operatic Supergroup. Being an “amateur” fan of opera, I had to listen to this. Well, phew. Guys, imagine a Backstreet Boys with the voices of ... Read More »

War of the Worlds: Let’s play the theorising game

As much as I enjoy the blast of watching aliens rampage around Earth (or rather, the East coast of the United States), I know there are unanswered questions (or plotholes, depending on your point of view) about the show. Personally, I like the fact that we’re not spoonfed the whys and hows. There are no anchormen theorising why the aliens ... Read More »

War of the Worlds: Hey, it didn’t suck!

My expectations for the movie was at sub-zero temperatures since a colleague told me the movie sucked and Kervin said it fell on its face. But I loved it! In fact, it’s one of those rare movies where I can’t wait to see it the second time. Actually, when I scouted around, it looks like it’s a movie you’d either ... Read More »

Season of death

Is it my imagination, or are a lot of main characters dying, being tortured or about to die this season on American TV? [Malaysia is far behind these shows, but I make it a point to follow these shows from afar. Entertainment’s in my blood as you know.] I blame it all on Lost. I really suspect that some network ... Read More »

CSI: New York’s Danny Messer & Tanglewood Theory

I’m smitten. For some reason I suddenly realized that Danny Messer (played by Carmine Giovinazzo – that’s one difficult surname to spell) is cute. I know, lame. It began when I hung around the message board, Talk CSI when I was fantastically bored one day. (Apparently many would like to see Danny a)in the shower b) without his shirt.) Then ... Read More »