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Massive Terrorist-Related Arrests in Toronto

Police in Canada foil a major al-Qaeda terror plot to attack targets in southern Ontario. Read More »

Creativity And Talent – One And The Same?

Is talent overrated? Can the need to create be enough? Read More »

A Scientific Slant On Religion And Politics

"Good heavens, Miss Sakamoto/You're beautiful..." Read More »

Holocaust Denial And Free Speech

For some reason, the notion that holocaust denial has anything to do with free speech has been prevalent in news and blogs. It all started with an Austrian court ruling that sentenced David Irving to three years’ imprisonment for Holocaust denial. Robert Scheer wrote an article in The Nation, In Defense of Free Thought, where he compared Holocaust denial to ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Romance Or Science?

I’m hopeless when it comes to romance. I don’t know how to do it; worse, I don’t know how to accept it (embarrassing in the process those who try their hands at romance with me). A sunset is a pretty sight, but romantic? Give me a break. After two minutes of watching it I get bored out of my skull. ... Read More »

A Hamas Victory – What Does It Mean?

Hamas wins in Palestine with a huge turnout and strong popular support, but are they capable of making the transition from terrorists to government? Read More »

The Canadian Elections Are Tomorrow

Yes, tomorrow are the Canadian elections and unfortunately the Conservatives, led by Stephen Harper, are ahead in the polls by ten points. Read More »

Writing as An Art Form

What writing is all about, how writing becomes art. Read More »