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Generation GAP, Eddie Bauer, and Hot Topic, Too

As an Xer raised by a Boomer I was constantly fed rhetoric about how great the summer of love was, man, and how the people stood together against the man, man, and it was groovy, man. Of course, our parents were never home, man, because they were off looking for truth or Zen or some platform shoes or some such ... Read More »

80’s Punk-d: A Bad Hair Decade

I can't go off on the subject of punk rock without mentioning politics. I, along with a vast number of my politically apathetic generational age mates, never really understood punk, at least not until after 9/11 and we all suddenly sought to gain deeper understandings of the political processes and dealings that has left the US such a disliked country worldwide. Read More »

Today’s Tom Sawyer

Like many members of my generation, I’m really very politically apathetic. Call it a combination of my education in the hard sciences and the academic idealism that touts the stance that we scientists are too important to lower ourselves to political involvement; a real-world cynicism gained from the entering the world post-Kennedy assasinations, in the height of the Vietnam war ... Read More »