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Solicitors Play Foul in Malaysia

Fair and foul play the solicitors. Read More »

Six Burglaries in Six Days

Six burglaries in a row at the same place is truly alarming for the business at #61. Read More »

Raising Three Boys: A Strain, a Drain, But Not in Vain

Turning back, I see my efforts were amazing. How did I do all these things? Read More »

Crime Wave in Malaysia

Burglary has become a part of Malaysian life. Read More »

Flexibility is Strength

Tenacity and the will keeps man on the move. Read More »

Economy and Inflation – Growing Together

How to make both ends meet? Growth and Inflation. Read More »

Inflation Hits India Hard

The common man suffers while the politician loots. Read More »

Vedic Astrology in Indian Marriages

A reliance on horoscope compatibility prevents promising marriage alliances in India. The country should put such beliefs behind it. Read More »

Widespread Corruption Undermining India’s Economic Gains

India is trying to emerge as an economic superpower, but scams and scandals are tearing the ribs of the nation apart. Read More »

The Greenhouse Effect: Greed Brings Destruction

God creates, we destroy. Read More »