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Langkawi: The Curse and After

The Langkawi archipelago is a great place for a quiet vacation away from glamour and ostentation. Read More »

Are Schools Really Seats of Learning?

Rather than imparting education, schools inflict pressure. Read More »

Governance in India

A wish and a longing that keeps the Indian going. Read More »

In the Dark

The people of Tamil Nadu in southern India are subjected to the whims of the electric power department. Read More »

India Versus Norway: Diplomatic Entanglement over Bringing up Children

Norway is in the headlines for separating the children of an Indian geoscientist from their parents. Read More »

Jallikattu: An Ancient Sport in a Controversy

It is a sport of the rural folk. Read More »

Australia: Big and Small, Country and Continent

One has to admire the lonely continent for its generous beauty and resourceful wealth. Read More »

The Malaysian Formula for Racial Harmony

Malaysians embody peaceful coexistence among the races. Read More »

Air Asia: Alliance in the Blue Skies

First birds flew, then the rich. Now everyone can fly. Read More »

Black Gold: Oil Palm Crop Boosts Malaysian Economy, Defies Rain Forest Defense

Westerners feel that rain forests are being destroyed for man's greed, but in Malaysia they are being cleared for man's survival. Read More »