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Selling Stepford: Mitt Romney’s Perfect Candidacy

With former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, more than a few insiders have found the perfect candidate. Read More »

The State of Affairs

Maybe Condi Rice is just smarter than Cheney, Rummy, and Powell. Maybe. Read More »

Sex and Political Isolation

It is time to re-evaluate our environment. We all live in glass houses now. Read More »

Gerald Ford: The Reluctant President

State funeral protocols and the humility of President Gerald Ford. Read More »

Hussein by Another Name

Doing best for our country used to be honorable. Perhaps Obama can facilitate the Audacity of Hope for more than a little media shine. Read More »

2008: Hillary Will Be Comin’ Round the Mountain

Politics is bloodsport. Give a little, retreat a little. Give ‘em a soft place to fall. Then eat their innards. Read More »

Bush and the Iraq Study Group: The Way Forward

The findings of the Iraq Study Group must be given strenuous consideration. The status quo is no longer an option. Read More »