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Secret of Life

Have you ever wondered… The best selling books are not the most well written. The best paid soccer player, actor, artist etc… are not the most skilled. The richest people are not the smartest. Think about it. That is the secert to life. Read More »

Best ways to live your Life – youarenotgod style

Apparently, life has so many ways of living it that much of our time is spent thinking about what to do about it that we don’t usually do the things that make an impact to our lives. Here’s some ways to buff up that half hanging life and boost up the adrenaline youarenotgod’s style. Age 0 -21 : Do whatever ... Read More »

Mozart: I long for a….

…sometimes there are moments whence you did something and inmmediately in an instant as though by magic, you felt that you have been living all your life for that one thing… I found mine in Mozart’s Requiem…that moment of pure magic, fantasy alone could not capture thy image avid enough for my life I found in the soul of the ... Read More »

NOKIA got it all wrong

It is sad to see a top Handphone Brand degrading itself into a little slump by its self destruction. What was Nokia doing when Ericsson was doing their massive advertising campaign ? Answer: Don’t know, nothing ? What was Nokia thinking when it allowed such a mtupid advertisement about clown jumping from an airplane and all that crap, seriously Nokia, ... Read More »