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DVD Review: Doctor Who – “The Three Doctors” Special Edition

Not one of the best, but still a nice entry point for someone only casually familiar with the series. Read More »

DVD Review: Doctor Who – The Sensorites

“The Sensorites” really is a must for die-hard Whoivans; all others should stay as far away as possible. Read More »

Music Review: Jessie Baylin – Little Spark

Having recorded two albums and some EPs, Jessie Baylin's Little Spark presents a confident singer-songwriter rather than that of an indie artist struggling to find her voice. Read More »

Movie Review: Perfect Combination

If word of mouth keeps Rebecca Black high in the music charts, the same thing will help more films like Perfect Combination get more attention. Read More »

Doctor Who: Things That Need To Be Fixed

Perhaps Mr. Moffat won't listen, but I like to think some of these concerns are on his mind. Read More »

Movie Review: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Leonard Nimoy deserves endless kudos for this entry in the film franchise. Read More »

Music Review: Shakura S’Aida — Brown Sugar

Despite a couple of misses, Brown Sugar is s solid step in the Canadian blues singer's direction. Read More »

Music Review: Pete Rugolo — The Fugitive Soundtrack (TV Series)

I think for someone to get into the soundtrack, one would have to watch a season or two to get the general feel for why the music fits. Read More »

Enough Of The Sad Black Films

Seriously, enough with the sad black films. For real. Let's do something else. Read More »

Music Review: Bill Wren — One Day In A Life

Overall Bill Wren's One Day In A Life is an enjoyable listen that reminds us that music doesn't always have to touch people through mere words. Read More »