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“Miracles Do Happen”: 12 West Virginia Miners Found Alive

Update: This information was tragically updated later – 12 of the miners are dead, and only one has survived. More information on the mining disaster here 40+ hours, 1 body, and lots of fingerpointing later, CNN is reporting that the 12 remaining miners have been found alive. The one miner who died is being identified as Terry Helms, who was ... Read More »

CD Review: stellastarr* – Harmonies For The Haunted

There is a sense of nostalgia that permeates stellastarr*’s latest album, Harmonies For The Haunted, more so than any album I have heard in the last year. There have been many albums put out by bands intent on sounding like 80’s revivalists. stellastarr* takes it a step further by sounding as though their music was ripped right from Top 40 ... Read More »

One More Week Of Howard Stern Before He Gets “Sirius”

In less than a week, one of the greatest radio careers ever will end one journey and begin another. Howard Stern, nemesis of the prudish and faint of heart, will leave New York’s WXRK, and a large syndicated network spanning the country, to begin broadcasting on Sirius satellite Radio in January. We can all argue back and forth whether or ... Read More »

CD Review: My Morning Jacket–Z

Dreaming is one of life’s great mysteries. Sure, there are plenty of talking heads ready to tell you what they mean and why you have them. But the real source and meaning of our own personal dreams are a nut that we’ll never crack, and that is what’s so cool about them. They are so close to us while remaining ... Read More »

CD Review: Aberdeen City–The Freezing Atlantic

It is striking how British Boston-based Aberdeen City sounds. Singer/bassist Bradley Parker’s emotive vocals, the icy guitar riffs and the geek rock persona all conjur up thoughts of English, not American, acts. Freezing Atlantic, Aberdeen City’s debut album, is a call to arms for better indie rock in the States. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great indie ... Read More »

New Music Sampler: Soft–“Higher” | MP3

Anytime I get my hands on new music, I immediately add it as a “5 star” song on the iPod, so it drops right into my favorites. It just makes it easier to get my hands on it as I’m listening. More often times than not, even if I like the song, it doesn’t stay on the Favorites list. That’s ... Read More »