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If You Support Bush, You Must Not Buy Gas or Know Anyone Over in Iraq

Why do people always insist on NOT paying attention? Just the word 'Bush' sparks hate and discontent. Read More »

You Can’t Create Fact From Fiction

The news media could care less about truth and fact, and too many people don’t spend the time to find the truth, they just believe their bias. Read More »

U.S. Preparing To Attack Iran – Says Russian Intelligence

U.S. steps up activity at the Iranian border - while another carrier strike group heads to the Persian Gulf. Read More »

Iraq: A War to Win

We started the war in Iraq to remove a dictator, but that's not why we're still there. Read More »

What’s Really Wrong with Radical Islamic Muslims?

Hate and discontent from Radical Islamic Muslims (RIMs). Where does it come from? Read More »

The Setup

I was owned by a three-year-year-old. Don't laugh. It could happen to you! Read More »