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Marv Dumon has written over 6,000 articles for publications such as Forbes, Yahoo!, Investopedia, Technorati, Digital Journal, and He worked in corporate finance and Six Sigma, and holds BA, BBA and MPA degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. Contact him at

Web Comics Are Coming to America – Will They Succeed?

webtoon web comics

American audiences have shorter attention spans than those in Korea, and are much more demanding. They'll need to be exposed to outstanding content from the get-go. Read More »

Before Modern Medicine: Wacky Remedies from the Old Days


As late as the 1950s, arsenic (a poisonous concoction of sulfuric metal) was used to treat malaria, chorea, and syphilis. Read More »

How Do We Use Our Mobile Devices?

Credit: Commons/Flickr

Americans spend on average 2 hours and 38 minutes glued to their smartphones and tablets. Read More »

Meet RoboCop: He’s a Modern Frankenstein Monster

Credit: SONY Pictures

When man uses technology for bad purposes, we don't have a reduction in crime. We merely replace one evil for another. Read More »

Are You a Social Narcissist?

Credit: Commons/Flickr (Shannon Kringen)

Social media has put our "me first" society on steroids. Read More »