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Benefits of Raw Food, Making it Real

Curious about what all this raw food hype is all about? What do raw foodists eat? Why? This review of the book Raw Food helps provide the answers. Read More »

The Perfect Pre-Holiday Diet

Don't spend another holiday wearing clothes that feel too tight or avoiding cameras. We've got a little over a month until Thanksgiving so now is a great time to make some healthy changes! Read More »

The Healthiest Way to Eat

What's the healthiest way to eat? All the differing opinions can be so confusing. Here's a simple solution that has worked for many. Read More »

Keep Your Bucket List to Yourself

Experts recommend sharing your goals publicly to help inspire (or pressure) you to achieve them. Is this a good idea? This article suggests there is a better way! Read More »

My Top Five Healthy Eating Strategies

The best way to tackle any problem is at its roots; these three books have helped me develop healthy eating strategies. Read More »

My Vegan Life

Have you heard all the buzz about veganism lately? Do you wonder what that means? How to pronounce it? Read More »