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The Twilight of Wimps: Shooting on Location in Portland

Are today's LA film crews too wimpy to handle conditions faced by earlier Hollywood legends? Are vampires really wusses? Read More »

Obama Muslim! Obama Antichrist! The “Christian” Right Needs Your Fear

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! How the "Christian" right needs your irrational fear to take over America. Read More »

The Paulson Power Grab: Dangerous For Today, Terrifying For Tomorrow

Marlowe's head almost explodes in outrage at the actions of the greedheads in power. Read More »

Deregulation: The 800 lb. Incontinent Chick Has Come Home to Roost

Those who helped rape and pillage America now sound the alarm. How long will we let them steal us blind? Read More »

Obama the Antichrist: How the Christian Right Preys on Your Ignorance and Fears

The right, while trying to hide Governor Palin's affiliation with Dominionist Christianity launches religious "terror" tactics against Obama and America. Read More »

Satire: Last Night With George Clooney

That's right Portland - the big GC thinks you're tops. Read More »

Rove and Cheney, Exit Stage Right: Just There in the Shadows

Cheney and Rove aren't leaving; they're right over there in the shadows, biding their time... Read More »

The Countrywide “Party” Crashes: But We’ll Pretend It Hasn’t

Countrywide's Mozilo feels real bad about wrecking the company and the economy. He's crying all the way to the bank. Read More »

The Beginning of an American Theocracy

American Theocracy, ever looming these past three decades attempts to rewrite U.S. history, with the aid of Congress. Read More »

U.S. Supreme Court: Lying by Omission Okay for Corporations

The U.S. Supreme Court has removed the last hurdle for Corporate America to Steal us blind. Read More »