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Retired crisis & risk manager/communications expert; extensive public relations experience in most areas over 30 years. Still available for extraordinary opportunities of mind-numbing complexity. Life-long liberal agnostic...or is that agnostic liberal.

A Sad Optimist Cries Yet Again: A Pox on all Your Houses

Amidst the fear, the anger, the apprehension, we can take heart that our politicians are blithering idiots — as are we. Read More »

White Hot Rage From The New Minority

It's not health care, it's a fading vision of America that's driving conservatives wild. Read More »

Satire: What I Learned From the President’s Speech

You can learn a lot about health care reform from President Obama. Or not. It doesn't matter. Read More »

Satire: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Privacy

Why are we giving away our privacy so willingly when the dangers are so horrendous? Read More »

A Nation of Experts

Are we one lucky nation or what? Pick a subject, any subject, and experts come out of the walls like cockroaches at night in a New York apartment. Read More »

The Futility of Hope

We may stumble out of our domestic financial mess. But how are we to recapture the value system that has been our moral compass? Read More »

Mr. Obama, Let’s Get to the Point About Circumcision

Mr. President, let it be known, that when confronted with a choice between mutilation and exaltation, you rose to the occasion. Read More »

Note to America: Obama’s Not Perfect

Our never-ending hysteria over minutia and myopic fixation on Obama's every act will ensure his - and our - failure. Read More »

The Kindle 2 Campaign: Success?

I think my campaign to get a free Kindle 2 has worked. The complete lack of response from Amazon is encouraging. Read More »

We Launch The “Send Me A Kindle 2” Campaign

Having succeeded with Jameson Irish whiskey, I turn my sights on obtaining a Kindle 2 as my giftiness improves. Read More »