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The Lollapalooza ’08 Conflict: Rage Vs. Wilco

When you must choose between two of your favorite bands ever, there's bound to be regret in your future. Read More »

What to Make Of Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts I-IV

Do you have a vision for the untitled instrumentals of Nine Inch Nails' "Ghosts I-IV"? Read More »

Magic Junk Radio 9: Cover Me Porkins

If life is a giant hog, MJR is a crispy slice of bacon. It also plays on your iPod. Tasty! Read More »

Magic Junk Radio 8: The Way Is Shut

Chemically engineered to induce twitches in your earlobes and/or gluteus maximus... even as we undergo some remodeling. Read More »

Concert Review: Zero 7 at Webster Hall, NYC

How can you not rave about being in the front row for a performance that exceeded expectations? Read More »

Axioms of The Quitstay

If you don't like when you boot your computer in Safe Mode, then why do so with your life? Read More »

Magic Junk Radio 7: Gods, Drones, and Cereal

New music for office drones dreaming of being a breakfast cereal mascot on drugs, or a god walking the earth. Read More »

Magic Junk Radio 6: A New Set of Rules

Don't call it a comeback. Our podcast has been here since last year. Read More »

Magic Junk Radio 5: Go Remix Yourself

A swan song of beats and samples to tap your foot to, before I return to the underground. Read More »

Book Review – GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Discover your digital music creativity. Let David Pogue show you the way. Read More »