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Giuliani Gave Award To Terror Chief

Giuliani talks like a terror warrior but there was a time when he welcomed terrorists to City Hall. Read More »

The Myth of the Scientist Shortage

What scientists and the governments they serve can all agree on is that we need more scientists, and that government needs to do something to ensure this. Read More »

Britain Is Becoming A Banana Republic (Except For The Weather)

In his pursuit of international prestige Tony Blair is starting to look like a tin-pot dictator. Read More »

Currency Manipulation: Why Blame China For Something We’re All Doing

Of course China manipulates its currency, but are they any worse than the rest of us? Read More »

Local Elections in Britain: Why Reasonable People Will Vote for Fascists

We are being blamed for not voting but offered no alternatives. Some people are now considering the unthinkable. Read More »