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The Calico System – The Dupilcated Memory

It’s amazing how many bands have jumped on the sing and then scream gig. It’s also amazing how many of those bands are absolutely worthless to listen to. The Calico System is not a worthless screamo band, thank God. I have a hard time reviewing screamo bands without referring to Thursday and this review won’t deviate from that. The Calico ... Read More »

Starflyer 59 – Old

For those of you who are new to the Starflyer 59 music (I am fairly new myself) let me do my best to describe it for you. Starflyer 59 is a combination of soft listenable rock, spaced out effects, and soft, laid back vocals. They have a bit of a Radiohead flavor circa OK Computer. Can I get most people ... Read More »

The Suburban Sound – S/T

Question: What’s better then well executed good old fashion rock ‘n’ roll? Answer: Nothing There you have it folks. A band from the underground, playing rock ‘n’ roll for the masses, with punk rock ferocity, and retro tendencies. This isn’t another garage rock band. They’re better then that. With horns, rhythm and lead guitar, bass you can hear, and right ... Read More »

Limbeck – Hi, Everything’s Great

“Simple thing tend to mean a lot to me” (He might actually say “Silver”, but it ruins the flow of my review) sings Limbeck’s singer and that would just about sum up the band overall. A brand of alt-country that is deceptively simple, Limbeck puts out a great road-trip record. The songs are about real people and real events. This ... Read More »

Greyfield – Soundtrack to the Summer

Finally! A pop punk/emo record that I can recommend to my friends and even enjoy a bit myself. It’s not that it’s anything new, but they do the old quite well. The music is energetic yet standard for that style of music and the vocals are a combination of standard emo and some Calibretto sounding gruffness. The songs are catchy ... Read More »