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My Rock and Roll Magazine Rack

With the Internet, my consumption of music magazines has most definitely declined. Between the various music e-lists that I subscribe to (Audities, Bomp and Shindig to name just three) and the excellent free e-zines that are available (Fufkin, Perfect Sound Forever and Glorious Noise to name just another three) it just doesn’t seem like I have as much time to ... Read More »

KCDX Update

The response I have had to my post on KCDX as my Rock and Roll Station of the Week back in November has been phenomenal (at least in Rock and Roll Report terms). So far people have posted 9 comments to the Blog Critics post and 3 comments to The Rock and Roll Report post and all have been in ... Read More »

Bargain Bin Book Review: Hickory Wind: The Life and Times of Gram Parsons

Sometimes it seems that Gram Parsons is remembered for everything other than what he was really all about. Whether it’s as the guy who introduced country music and Nudie suits to The Byrds, or being Keith Richards coke-addled buddy hanging out in the South of France or his infamous death and fiery funeral pyre at Joshua Tree National Monument, it ... Read More »

“Moon the Loon” is still in the news!

Good old Keith Moon is in the news as he tops Q Magazine’s list of “100 most insane moments in rock” in their upcoming issue. Of course this should come as no surprise to those of you who have any knowledge of rock ‘n’ roll history. I have been a Keith Moon fan ever since, as an impressionistic young drummer ... Read More »

What is it with Sergeant Peppers?

MSN has listed their 10 most influential albums since Elvis and I gotta admit Eric Alterman made some pretty good choices but what is it about “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” that always gets critics in a tizzy? Was it really that influential? Critics keep saying it was rock’s first concept album but John Lennon himself has stated that ... Read More »

What’s Up With The Hip?

What do you think of these: “Fighter Fighter, Josephine, Ballroom, Forget, Beat, Makeshift, Paint, What’s Up With Gus?, You, Cook, Dancer.” Random words just tossed together for the sake of making up space in this post? Not this time! Actually these are the names of a bunch of new songs that The Tragically Hip performed at the end of October ... Read More »

Watchin’ The Blues

I have been watching the PBS series The Blues this week and I’m telling you this documentary on the blues exec produced by Martin Scorsese is fantastic and I urge everyone to tune in. Even if you are not a fan of the blues this could very well be your initiation. And if you think in some misguided way that ... Read More »