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Helping or Hurting: Cutoffs Have Evolved Into Cuffed Shorts

Shorts are hot. But be careful; they aren't forgiving, and can burn you. Read More »

Social Rebellion Means the Return of the Eighties

Fashion is resisting social conformity and returning to the punk days of the eighties. Read More »

Ignore Fashion Week’s Baggy Look: Show Yourself Off

Throughout fashion week there has been a consistent player—space. Read More »

Cool Your Spiked Heels: Go Structured

It's time to do some spring cleaning...weed through your closet and replace the slouchy and the spiked with some of the must-have pieces for 2006. Read More »

No Need for Double-Sided Tape: Marchesa Stole the Show

This year at the Golden Globes Felicity Huffman brought the daring new line Marchesa into the spotlight. Read More »