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Born in South Africa, became a journalist and later trained as a teacher before establishing my own school - "Windsor House Academy, of which I remained the principal until I emigrated to Canada. Love to write, and have published 27 books. Played the piano in my husband's dance band for 33years. Founder and President Emerita of the the Canadian, South African and in International Association of Hemochromatosis Societies,

PTSD Blues: The Angola Conflict


Ever since watching a CBC special on post-traumatic stress disorder, my mind has been filled with thoughts of family members who have lived through wars. Read More »

Movie Memories of Long Ago


From 1934's 'Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch' to 21st century ice hockey on TV. Read More »

Among My Dearest Friends Since Childhood: The Natural Order of Lepidoptera


When I wanted to hide from the rest of the world, butterflies were my companions. Read More »

Things My Mother Taught Me (Though I Never LIstened)

Old Fort on Constitution Hill

My mother was eight years old when she, her mother, and her grandmother were incarcerated in the Johannesburg Fort, and later taken to a concentration camp. Read More »

Two Journalists, an International Idol, My Father, and a Very Handsome Lad Handsome Lad


I would never have been born if a young reporter named Winston Churchill had not had to ask the Postmaster General, my mother’s uncle, for help transmitting his reports to Britain. Read More »

Talking About Tea Evokes Many Happy Memories


Back when businesses were just discovering computerization, I worked for J. Lyons & Co, the "Tea People," in South Africa. Read More »

Help! I Think I’m Being Scammed

Election frustration and what to watch on TV these day? Read More »

May Is International Hemochromatosis Awareness Month

Liver cancer, skin "bronzing," and impotence are among the possible results of this common but little-known genetic disorder. Read More »

Voice from the Past: A Diary of the Second Boer War

I begin exploring my father's diary of how his life changed during the war in Africa at the turn of the last century. Read More »

A Voice From The Past.

A VOICE FROM THE PAST Reading a Diary Begun in 1900 What a gift it was when someone discovered and sent me my father’s ‘Boer War Diary!’ A book written by a friend who is mentioned in the diary shown below, was published many years ago, and I have long wished to do the same for my father, but, although ... Read More »