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Morgan and Tristan

...This woman whom I used to know, stood in my kitchen, our son crying in the glow of the TV... Read More »

Proposal for Exhibition

...So I haven't written much of late because I've been out in my garage matting art. ... Read More »

Dystopia for 07.03.05

Dex recently started his own record label in order to sell his huge body of work, as well as featuring... Read More »

Happy Bloomsday

Happy Bloomsday, all. Anyone who has read, or attempted to read Joyce's Ulysses Has their story to tell. Here's mine. Read More »

Lovin’ life in MSO

Recent posts by both Dex and Pep I was reminded how lucky I am to live where I live. Read More »

AIM Mail

AOL has recently launched yet another web-based email service. Occassionally, when I am on the air I use AIM Express Read More »

Angel of the Lord

The trains were coupling in the trainyard. Metal on metal and loud clanging banging that would wake anyone who hadn’t Read More »

Fiona Apple – Extraordinary Machine

A while back I wrote about the new Fiona Apple album that Sony refuses to release. Then I played the album in its entirety on Radio Dystopia over at KBGA. The show went very well, and I had many positive responses to it. And since I played the album, I thought it would be hypocritical of me not to put ... Read More »

A Good Old Fashioned Montana Branding

Dark clouds hovered over Frenchtown, ominously threatening to make Sunday a wet, muddy exercise in endurance. Mike picked me up around nine, and we had gotten a coupla of breakfast burritos to pad our stomachs for the beer and whiskey that was sure to be flowing as the day wore on. We were both less than awake during the drive ... Read More »

Notes from a Walk at the Art Institute of Chicago

Words in italics are scraps from my notebook as I wondered the Chicago Art Institute. The rest are things that Read More »