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Jin’s “Learn Chinese” Video

Jin, the Asian rapper who landed a record deal with Ruff Ryders while becoming a battle champion on 106th and Park just dropped a new video for his single “Learn Chinese.” Oliver Wang posted his thoughts about the video on his weblog. And so begins the culture critiques that will mark Jin’s career more than his musical talent. Oliver aka ... Read More »

In Defense of Homo-Thugs

Yikes. Frank Leon Roberts carelessly writes an article in defense of Black gay men hiding their sexual status. The new word for these guys are “DL’s” because they keep their homosexuality on the down low. Roberts explains: African American men who are on the D.L., “down-low,” have sex with men unbeknownst to their girlfriends (if they have one) and families. ... Read More »

Slang Dictionary: “Bucket”

“Bucket” is a hip-hop word used in New York to describe an oversized fitted cap that’s worn as low over the eyes as possible. Joe Budden, who’s pictured above is a good example of someone who always rocks his “bucket” low. On Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” album he opens the song All I Need with the words: “My gear is right… (check) ... Read More »

From the Bronx to Israel Hip-hop Unites

Even though the media focuses on the violence in rap, any true school historian will tell you that hip-hop was formed as a way to ease gang violence and create unity amongst Black and Latinos in New York. It seems that our music/culture is doing the same in Isreal for the Isreali and Palenstinian youth. Props to Rolling Stone and ... Read More »


Hey! Something Em did that’s actually funny! Peep: EMINEM’S JOKE ON JACKSON The world’s top-selling rapper delighted fans yesterday when he emerged on the balcony of his hotel suite in Glasgow, Scotland, holding a blond-haired baby doll over the balcony wall and gleefully tossing it into the air. Then, catching the lifelike infant by the head, Eminem, wearing a Jacko-like ... Read More »

The Coolest Bible I’ve Ever Seen

I wanted this Bible since the first time I saw it at my local bookstore. It has a metal cover that surrounds the entire book, and has a cross etched on the front of it. It looks good but is also useful to a person like me who drags his Bible everywhere until it comes apart at the seams. It ... Read More »