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the bachelor | closing in

Aaron said he didn’t have any clarity. Perhaps that had something to do with how drunk he appeared during two of his three dates. The nose was a lovely shade of blush with Helene in Aspen and his whole face was beet red with Gwen in San Francisco. I chuckled as he struggled to open the envelope containing a key ... Read More »

because it feels so emmy without me

The 2002 Emmys are over. We all remember that last year the Emmys were postponed. Twice. I don’t remember the 2000 Emmys, I sure as hell have already forgotten this year’s show but the 1999 Emmys will always be unforgettable. I was sitting at home with a bag of potato chips watching the post-ceremony party coverage. Sarah Jessica Parker and ... Read More »

Sorority Girls Can be Lawyers & Writers Too

It is with some regret that I note I have more than a few things in common with Ann Coulter. For instance, we are both blonde women who graduated from Cornell University. We both have a distaste for Katic Couric, who’s countenance reminds me of the effects of chronic constipation. Fortunately the simliarities end there. When Kevin Holtsberry bought Slander ... Read More »