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Canadian Grass Roots Summer Festivals: Rockin’ in the Valley with Multicoloured Mischief

Canada's homegrown bands like MCM rocked the July 23, 2011 Rhythm of the Rock Music Festival. Read More »

Genderless: Equality or Neutrality?

Is a genderless society the way to go in promoting gender equality, or are we promoting androgyny as a necessity to gender neutrality? Read More »

United Nations takes on a Proactive Stance Against Domestic Violence with Firdaus Kharas’ No Excuses

Can humorous proactive intervention reduce the incidence of domestic violence? Read More »

The Aspartame Game

Are more studies needed on the long-term health effects of aspartame? Read More »

TV Open Thread: Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior – “Smother”

Murderous rage drives a son to murder his mother by proxy. Read More »

TV Open Thread: Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior – “Devotion”

Apparent serial lynchings turn into a case of near-fratricide in this disturbing fifth episode of >Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. Read More »

TV Open Thread: Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior – “Here is the Fire”

Can Sam Cooper and his team stop a fanatical bomber from blowing up his own kids? Read More »

TV Open Thread: Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior – Episode 4 “One Shot Kill”

Federal Bureau of Investigation Unit Chief Sam Cooper (Forest Whitaker) heads a clandestine Red Cell team in this crime drama spin-off, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour. The series premiered February 16, 2011 on CBS. Read More »

The Enemy of my Enemy is Not my Friend

The Arab world seeks to block foreign intervention in Libya as Al Qaeda tries to creep in. Read More »

Legacy of Mind: The Death of Dave Duerson

Are we on the road to treating traumatic brain injury? Read More »