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Boycott United Airlines

You know, I have been so busy this week with remodeling my kitchen that I almost forgot to take some time to hate United Airlines. No worries, though, they stepped up to the plate like champs… as they always do. See, United went bankrupt a couple of years ago because of super bad management. Super bad! Don’t tell me it ... Read More »

I Already Miss Scott McClellan

If it's true that he has left the Bush Administration, it's a sad day. Like Ari Fleischer, he was a warrior. Read More »

Movie Review : Remembering Hunter: When I Die

This weekend I went to see a screening of a new Hunter Thompson documentary called Remembering Hunter: When I Die Well, sorta. Actually, it is a documentary about the strange and troublesome erection of his huge funeral monument… a 150 Gonzo Fist statue mounted with cannons that fire explosives, fireworks, and Hunter’s ashes on his property over Woody Creek. Filmmaker ... Read More »

F Terrell Owens

Hello friends. I figure I need not tell you what the ‘F’ stands for… but the TO stands for Terrell Owens. You may know that Terrell Owens got kicked off his team (the Philadelphia Eagles) yesterday. Why? Well, he is their most talented receiver… and quite possibly the most talented receiver in the NFL. His gift for coming down with ... Read More »

Election Night – Denver Legalizes Pot!

Wow! I don’t think anyone saw this passing, but Denver just legalized pot tonight. Anything under an ounce. Mind you, Denver did not decriminalize pot… as it pretty much was already. Nope, tonight with 53% in favor the city of Denver voted to completely legalize anything under an ounce. I am quite pleased and impressed. I don’t even live in ... Read More »