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Am I Racist?

Am I racist? I found myself asking myself this question today. Like most things, I decided to ask you. I was shopping at a diamond store today, never mind you why (ok, pinky ring for me!). As I walked around I noticed two young and fit black guys (sorry, I am not a big fan of the term African American… ... Read More »

This is your chance to be really cool!

You too could own these! Check this out. I was cruising the mall doing some Christmas shopping the other day and came across this display in a store window. They must have had 10 different pairs that looked at least as terrible as this. I walked by thinking, “Wow, someone would pay to have their jeans pre-destroyed”. I kept walking. ... Read More »

Re-Discovering Wilco

I am an American aquarium drinker, I assasin down the avenue. I am hiding out in the big city blinking, what was I thinking when I let go of you? That is the first line from Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which is a masterpiece. I say I am rediscovering it because it is several years old. I initially got a ... Read More »

Anthrax – The Greater of Two Evils

Anthrax just released a ‘greatest hits’ of sorts called ‘The Greater of Two Evils’. I can only assume the reference to two evils is the two singers the band has had. To most, Anthrax eras are divided between the Joey Belladonna years and the John Bush years. If this is going over your head, think “Roth vs Hagar” discussions you ... Read More »

DVD – Iron Maiden – the early days

Iron Maiden will release on Tuesday 11/23 a 2 DVD volume called ‘The Early Days’ which chronicles the band all the way back to original singer Paul Di’Anno (a name probably only hardcore Maiden fans might recognize). It follows the band all the way through their world tour in 1983 supporting the epically influential metal record ‘Piece of Mind’. The ... Read More »

U2 on SNL tonight

Holy crap! Did you see that? Tell me you saw that. That was phenomenal, groundbreaking, life rock and roll live television (for me anyhow, but I am hardcore music dork). U2 just proved why they are the greatest band in the business. Allow me to sum up > The first song was Vertigo, and I think y’all know how that ... Read More »

the new U2 & the real story

Alright folks, I absolutely can not resist posting this. Since apparently everyone in the world has the new U2 disc but me, here is a posting I did almost a year ago regarding no band at all. It is called ‘every single album review ever written’. Tell me if it doesn’t apply to the new U2 record… or every record ... Read More »

Blog Spamming

I just got blog spammed! I got an interesting e mail, interesting in that none of you swine ever write me. It was an offer/ solicitation from a car company. They were saying how great alternative fuel cars were and as a responsible blogger I should do a piece about it on my blog. It was in all sense a ... Read More »

John Lennon – Acoustic

Working class hero I picked up John Lennon’s ‘Acoustic’ disc today. It is quite an interesting bunch of songs. The bulk of which can be best described as ‘demos’. In fact, that is what the disc should be called. So, you get some inspired insight into the master of songwriting, (like Watching the Wheels with just John on acoustic). Also, ... Read More »

Tough Crowd’s last show

It appears that Colin Quinn’s ‘Tough Crowd’ show aired for the last time tonight. I didn’t know about it in advance, or really care. I was simply getting off the couch from Daily Show to head downstairs and do this thing I do with you all… write. He mentioned in his monologue how this was their last show ever. I ... Read More »