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Fair Elections Require Paper Ballots

A few days ago, Netaloid pointed out the irony of President Bush chiding the powers that be in Ukraine over apparent voting irregularities while he had essentially zilch to say about just-as-apparent voting irregularities during the recent elections in the United States. Predictably, Netaloid was derided by knee-jerk Bush supporters who suggested his criticism of the election process was akin ... Read More »

Hello, Pot? Kettle Calling

Irony, anyone? CRAWFORD, Texas Nov 26, 2004 — President Bush warned Friday that the world “is watching very closely” as Ukraine tries to sort through charges of vote fraud following a disputed presidential election in the former Soviet republic. The United States and other Western nations contend that massive fraud marked the presidential runoff election in the Ukraine, and its ... Read More »

No, Really, This Time I Mean It

What are you supposed to do after reading something like this? Laugh? Cry? Puke? It would be funny parody coming from the likes of The Onion. Unfortunately, it’s a serious news story in today’s Washington Post. Colin Powell, the lone voice of semi-reason amongst the cracked pots in Bush’s cabinet, the guy the president is dumping because his correct advice ... Read More »

Government Ethics DeLayed on Account of Reign

Apparently members of Congress believe their hallowed institution has been a bit more ethical than necessary. Thus, constituents everywhere will be happy to hear, things are about to change. Top congressional brass will be holding a secret meeting soon to rewrite the rules so, in the purely coincidental event that one of their members is indicted by a state grand ... Read More »


So now the American Democrats and literati have mostly finished licking their little wounds and apparently have decided not to migrate up here after all due to a little cold and snow in Ottowa, one supposes. Eventually, the question surfaces: What now? Netaloid will tell you what now. Now, you live up close to Bush II. He’s reached out to ... Read More »