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First election results

Two tiny towns in New Hampshire are the first to close their polls, and the results look good: while Bush is ahead, he’s not as ahead as much as he was in 2000 – there’s a 5% shift in favor of the Democratic candidate. While this is obviously a very small sample, it doesn’t bode well for the incumbent. Full ... Read More »

Cell phone bans

A few countries have started blocking cell phones and I can only hope that the US will follow suit. Last week, the French industry minister approved a decision last week to let theaters (movie and live) and concert halls install cell phone jammers, as long as emergency calls can still be made. Churches in Mexico, the Indian parliament building, Italian ... Read More »

New spam topic: Rolex watches

In the last week or so, I started receiving a new kind of spam: sales pitches for Rolex watches. I must get a couple dozen of these a day, and not all from the same person. This strikes me as somewhat odd next to all of the offers for bigger breasts, permanent erections, and free sex. Have all of those ... Read More »

FEC May Regulate Web Political Activity

I wonder if this will affect BlogCritics? With political fund raising, campaign advertising and organizing taking place in full swing over the Internet, it may just be a matter of time before the Federal Election Commission joins the action. Well, that time may be now. A recent federal court ruling says the FEC must extend some of the nation’s new ... Read More »