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Return of the ‘Pod People

Ok, after all the furor my previous post about iPods raised, I have some clarifications to make: 1) Radio still rules. Without it there would be no call-in shows. Radio is interactive. Podcasting is not–I don’t care how cool it is (and it is cool)–it is by its very nature isolating, not unifying. (That is, until people start getting together ... Read More »

‘Pod People

I am one of those people who don’t own an iPod, part of a shrinking majority, I’m afraid. Why don’t I have one? Well, part of it is my innate tendency to go against the grain, to do the opposite of what everyone else does “just because.” The more people say how great something is, the more I want to ... Read More »

On Mother’s Day

I have tried for years to get to the root of why the Mother’s Day holiday bothers me so much. Part of it is certainly the Hallmark card forced emotion/guilt of the day—you MUST buy you mom flowers or you are a BAD child. (No mention, of course, of what you are supposed to do if your mother is deceased, ... Read More »

Bad Monday

Isolation is a terrible thing. Whether it is self-imposed or not, it has the effect of negating a part of your humanity. This is why it’s such an effective punishment and oft-used torture tactic—the human mind can and does convince itself of almost anything. There are many places in which one can feel alone—a penthouse tower, looking down on the ... Read More »

Selective Service?

Well, it seems my previous post has gotten people riled up. Good, that was the idea. Now let’s look at the Selective Service System a little more closely. Here are some of the more, shall we say, interesting facets of this lovely entity vis-a-vis the current situation: – The circumstances under which a draft may occur: “A crisis occurs which ... Read More »

Devils and Dust Too, or Beware the Ides of March

“On March 31, the Selective Service System (SSS) will report to President Bush that it is ready to implement the draft within 75 days. Right now, the SSS is staffing local draft boards, training volunteer registrars to work on high school and college campuses, and streamlining its induction process. They have also gained access to the Department of Education’s computer ... Read More »

Sometimes It’s Hard to be a Woman

I recently watched the film classic All About Eve for the umpteenth time, and it got me to thinking about what has changed for women since its 1950 release. At the time, Bette Davis’ career was in decline, a trend that was happily reversed with the overwhelming success of her outstanding work in the film. This turn of events is, ... Read More »

An Interview With Chris Murray of Govinda Gallery

Washington DC’s Govinda Gallery has been at the center of the music photography world for over twenty years. Owner Chris Murray’s kinship with such luminaries as Annie Leibovitz led him to collecting and promoting music-related photography as a distinct genre, and he has been a pioneer in assembling such unprecedented exhibits as the early Beatles portraits of Astrid Kirchherr. I ... Read More »