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Blue State Musings From A Red State Woman

A not-so-dyed-in-the-wool liberal defends her right to reside in a true-blue state, and explains why small-l libertarianism holds some appeal. Read More »

Book Review: Titanic’s Last Secrets by Brad Matsen

A new book on the most important development in the Titanic mystery since the discovery of the wreck itself. Read More »

San Francisco Zoo Tiger Attack: A Story With Two Morals

Don’t poke sticks at wild animals, and don’t ever blame the victim. Read More »

Channeling E.B. White on Election Night

Democracy, like White's definition of you, may you survive long. Read More »

Chasing More Than Tales: An Interview with Gallery Owner/Author Lanae Rivers-Woods

A true renaissance woman applies Alaskan self-sufficiency to art, literature, and life. Read More »

Book Review: The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty by Julia Flynn Siler

A new exposé reveals what built a wine empire and undermined a family business. Read More »

Interview: Globe-trekking with Anthony Doerr

"We all share this one big clump of iron and magnesium and nickel whirling around the sun." Read More »

Transport Travesty in Seattle

Nobody's wild about Seattle's old elevated highway blocking magnificent views of Puget Sound. Read More »

Distracted by the Spectre of Online Ads

It hardly seems fair to expect text to compete with a diseased toe. Read More »

Yes, Shawn is Resilient

He's still a sweet-faced 15-year-old surviving gutter-press tactics. Read More »