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White Stripes’ Country Stylin’

UK music publication NME unveils Jack and Meg’s new image in their latest issue (The Vines on the cover) with a track-by-track preview of Elephant, to which I may add, isn’t quite accurate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very positive preview. But they should at least get the lyrics right. And it’s a octave guitar, not a bass guitar. ... Read More »

Brendan Benson’s New Single

Brendan Benson returns with a new single “Metarie” from Lapalco — the sleeper hit album of the 2002. Hit? Did I say hit? Damn. Anyway, the song’s a newly reworked version — heavier on the pyschedelic vibe with Beach Boys style harmonising by the fabulous Wellfed Boys and a new bridge written in. This is the third version of the ... Read More »

Listen to The Donnas

Collectively known as the Donnas, Donna A, Donna C, Donna F and Donna R are a four piece girl band that first started out by releasing a couple of singles and a self-titled album on an indie label Superteem. They play an infectious blend of punk/pop and have toured with people like Joan Jett, Rocket From The Crypt, Creeper Lagoon ... Read More »

The Color Of Red And White

Woman, mid-twenties, PR executive: Stop watching The White Stripes! You are starting to look like a crazy fan! Man, mid-thirties, System Administrator: Oh dear. I always see you watching this band. Me, early twenties, music journalist: … Back to daily trivialities, Peter was wondering if he should tell me about his experience seeing the Datsuns at Sheffield, Barfly last night ... Read More »

Wild Billy Childish & The Buff Medways: Steady The Buffs

Frankly, Britain does not have to look over to Detroit for their dose of garage punk that’s sending the musical trend-followers into a much-hyped frenzy. For 25 years, a certain cult legend has operated under the media radar, self-financed his own independent releases, published 30 collections of poetry, written two books and exhibited more than 2000 of his paintings. He’s ... Read More »