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Sustainable Coho Salmon, It’s What’s For Lunch

Sustainable wild caught coho salmon you can feel guilt free to support. Read More »

Fresh from Florida: Sweet Corn & Blue Crabs

In keeping with my SOS, sustainable, organic, and seasonal, I will start a series of articles spotlighting the amazing produce grown in my home state of Florida. Read More »

There Is Nothing Stock About It

We live in a "thirty-minute meals" society and people do not want to be bothered with the long cooking times needed to develop deep complex flavors. Read More »

Sending Out An SOS: Sustainable Organic Seasonal

On a broader scale, my SOS, sustainable organic and seasonal, is a plea to make a difference today. Planet Earth is a shared environment and we must start the healing process. Read More »

Ceviche: Fish as Cocktail

The science behind making a ceviche is pretty simple; the “cooking” takes place when acid causes the proteins in the fish to denature. Read More »

Marco Pierre White: The Mad Genius in the Kitchen

Marco single-handedly changed the world’s opinion of British cuisine and made his London restaurant, Harveys in Wandsworth Commons, the center of a culinary revolution in the late eighties and early nineties. Read More »

A Taste of Cuba in Miami

My grandmother Esperanza's ability to escape political persecution in Cuba and make a life in Miami is the reason why I cook today. Read More »

Nothing Says Lovin’ Like Something from the Cauldron

Soup is an ancient food, and in my humble opinion an amazingly complex and wonderful culinary treat in a bowl. Read More »

Dirty Sexy Vegetarian

I love cooking vegetarian food. My creative juices get challenged by the idea of making veggie food fun, sexy, delicious, and satisfying. Read More »

Respect Food: Respect Life

Animals give their lives for our nourishment; at the very least let’s pay tribute to them. Read More »