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Carnival of the Vanities #12

It's that time of week again... time for the best of the Blogopshere to get collected up for the Carnival of the Vanities! Read More »

The Daily Funny #2

It's a list of the funniest stuff that folks have seen on the Blogosphere and sent to me. Read More »

Richard Harris will be murdered by Chris Columbus again on 11/15

For the sake of profit, I fear that Chris Columbus and AOL Time Warner will tarnish the memory a great actor: Richard Harris. Read More »

Carnival of the Vanities #5

Highlighting what you may have missed or overlooked in your daily reads... Read More »

Never Die Easy, Walter Payton

Perhaps now is a good time to know what kind of man Emmitt Smith is taking the record away from Read More »

The Shawshank Redemption – Better Than The Book?

How many times have you told yourself "The book was great, but the movie was awful." after seeing a film? Read More »

The (Sick) Sixth Sense

Let me just ruin it for you right off the bat – Bruce Willis plays child molester Dr. Malcolm Crowe. Read More »