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Book Review: Good Morning Midnight

Waterman emerges as a tragic and flawed human, a man who is difficult to understand and complicated even after his death. Read More »

The Manchurian Candidate, Redux

Why does Hollywood persist in re-making movies that were perfectly good the first time around? Especially when there were so many bad movies that could be vastly improved upon. In any case, The Manchurian Candidate is the latest attempt to update an old classic. On its own, it’s a good movie. Compared to the original, however, I can’t help but ... Read More »

Single Wife

What do you do when your husband disappears? Just pretend he’s still aroud, of course. That’s the premise behind the excellent and witty first novel of Nina Solomon. You would think that another novel about a pampered, wealthy wife in New York City would be ordinary and rife with been-there situations and comments. You might think it’s another blistering attack ... Read More »