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Soda Jerk: Bloomberg and the Big Gulp

When the government limits liberty it limits humanity. Read More »

The Inevitability of Misinterpretation

The written word, and thus written laws, will always be misinterpreted. Read More »

Education is Not a Right

The claim that education, a college education, is a right confuses a right with an entitlement. Read More »

The Founders in Today’s Politics

A left-right battle over the Founding Fathers. Read More »

Separation Between Church and State

Separation of church and state is not a matter of convenience or tool of political expediency. They should be kept separate if it helps your cause or not. Read More »

The Fallacy of Gun Control Laws

Cultivating character is more important than crafting laws. Read More »

Bye-Bye Moderate Mitt

The longer the nomination season the more extreme the candidates become. Bye-bye moderate Mitt, hello polarized politics. Read More »

Saying Goodbye to Machiavelli

If you want to shock students, and all people, tell them the government should be just. Read More »

The Splintered Republican Party

Republicans need to know themselves. Read More »