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How to Tackle Terrorism and Reduce Islamophobia Against Muslims in the West

The Booker Prize winner thinks criticisng Islam is not racist, but ignoring that the majority of terrorists are non-Muslim is Islamophobic. Read More »

Why The British Governments’ £1 Million Anti-Terrorism Fatwa Is Not Worth The Paper It’s Printed On.

Following the global anti-terrorism Fatwa launched in London it's time the public (including Muslims) question the motives of these "advisors". Read More »

No American President Can Stand Up to Israel, but We Can!

Palestine will always pull the short-straw because of the unequivocal American support for Israel, which must end. Read More »

Surprised We’ve Not Yet Heard from an Ayatollah?

Robert Spencer's, 'Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't', is another hindrance to unity between Muslims and Christians Read More »

Slandering Islam

Correcting the distortions about Islam created by Bin Laden and Bush. Read More »

Guns Don’t Kill People… People Kill People

The problems related to our gun culture did not begin and end with Virginia Tech. Read More »

Islam, Radicalism and Government Foreign Policy

Home Secretary John Reid has called on British Muslims and Parents to help root out potential extremists. Read More »

Israeli Evil vs. Gaza

One Israeli soldier has been kidnapped by Palestinians since 1994, while Israel is believed to have more than 8,000 Palestinian prisoners in its jails. Read More »

Abdul Rahman: Infidel

Reporting on the Abdul Rahman case is placing unrealistic expectations on Afghanistan and providing inaccurate accounts of Islam. Read More »

On Wafa Sultan’s “There Is No Clash of Civilizations”

There is no 'Clash of Civilizations,' but a misunderstanding of Islam and a clash among extremists on all sides. Read More »