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Musings on the Democratic shellacking of Tuesday. Read More »

Operation Frustration

A quick take on the Afghan war between the United States and America Read More »

Obama’s Communication Breakdown

What we have here is failure to — spin? Read More »

The Placebo President

The level of desperation that President Obama and the Democrats have reached is embarrassing. Read More »

The Midas Untouch

Is the Obama administration really taking credit for Iraq? Read More »

The Hoodwink Czar

An invaluable asset to the White House, this czar has a much more prominent and powerful alternate job title. Read More »

In Search of A Policy

American foreign policy has been reduced to endless discussion about the formulation of a policy. Read More »

Sotomayor, Sonia – Hispanic, Female, Diabetic and a Judge (I think)

By picking an unremarkable and uninspiring judge Mr. Obama went for political appeasement instead of judicial excellence. Read More »

Satire: Real Spending with Imaginary Money

Feel the above is true? This White House memo will put your fears to rest. Read More »

Questions For The Undecided Voter

If your answers are positive then you should vote for Barack Obama but if you are unsure then John McCain should get your vote. Read More »