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Husbanding the Blogcritics Commons

Blogcritics is a community of people bursting with ideas and wielding keyboards irreverently. We are the unwashed masses that the web has unleashed. Read More »

Comfort Food and Rare Groove

The Hungry Playlist: when the literary encounters the gastromic, a musical feast ensues. Come and get some soul food. Read More »

Inflation Calypso

"Prices Soaring Higher And Higher / I Guess That They Are Going To Reach The Moon" Read More »

The Roots + Floetry = Virtuosity

Illadelph Halflife Meets Ill London Flow. I Shall... Proceed... And Continue... To Rock The Mic. Everybody Is A Star. Adrenaline Boom! It's The Next Movement Duck Down Don't Say Nuthin' Read More »

The Long Thief in the Night

Economics, politics, a poem, funk and cultural critique to the beat of Alphabet St from Prince's Lovesexy. I love tomorrow. Read More »


18 years it was stolen from me, I've finally found a copy of Jerome Prister's magical single, Say You'll Be Read More »

Proverbial Zingers

The stone that lies at the bottom of the riverbed, cannot complain about feeling cold. Read More »

Wistful Zingers

Nuggets for the scrapbook: wistful zingers on the theme of war and a sense of ineffable waste (and failed drives) Read More »

Handling Rogues

On stiffening the spine of the 'international community' in how it deals with rogues and warlords. Read More »

Sunday Night With Jill Scott

Grits and collared greens were on the menu when Jill Scott and her band brought her tour to Boston sunday night. Read More »