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Denying the Reality of Climate Change

Those refusing to face the facts about climate change are akin to chain smokers ignoring cancer threats. Read More »

What the Weblogs sale really means

What does the Weblogs sale mean, exactly, you hoo blogger? Read More »

Your Local Blog Networks

Bloggers are beginning to meet more often in the DC Metro area. In person. Over drinks. And if you were looking for a reason to start a blog, this is a good one. I keep track of blogs in the DC area on dcblogs.com I categorize local bloggers and highlight interesting posts from local blogs. There are efforts in a ... Read More »

Supreme Court’s land grab

The ownership society is working out just nicely. You can own your home as long as the government doesn’t want it for a shopping mall. Thank you very much. The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision today backing New London, Conn.’s economic development land grab may set the stage for another disastrous redevelopment era. I’m a Connecticut native and worked as a ... Read More »

Welcome The End of Newspapers

Washington Post editor Leonard Downie should stop complaining. Let newspapers fail. Better things will come. Read More »

Dead Donkey Editor

Your time is important. That's why you need an editor. Read More »

From the Desk of the Despair Editor

The newspaper industry’s apocalypse now. Read More »

How many blogs died today?

Blog creation numbers are fueling the hype. Read More »

Bad Bloggy.com

If my blog were a dog. Read More »

Brown Shirt Bloggers.com

Blog swarms are the new fascist. Read More »