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An Impromtu Survey…

To all ye bloggers out there, and by way of a quick informal survey: What blogging software do you use, and how do you find it? (As in, does it satisfy your every blogging need…?) How much flexibility does it give you? Have you tried more than one platform? For those of you using Movable Type or WordPress, how savvy ... Read More »

Machismo and the new masculinity

I was flabbergasted to realise that the whole Waco incident happened way back in 1993. Now that makes me feel old, because I remember it like it was yesterday. (If by 'remembering' you mean a vague recollection of some whacko torching himself and his followers in a church basement. Or something.) Read More »

Blogger’s Block

I fear I may be having a minor crisis of conviction. When I say “minor”, in actual fact, I mean: paralysing. Do you ever feel like you’re in critical information overload…? Is it feasible to say that the creative process can be crippled by an excess of stimulus? A glut of facts, news, reviews, opinions, trivia…? God help me I’m ... Read More »

Sound Bites

Who the fuck cares what you’re listening to? Right? Well, possibly. Quite probably. I’ve heard it said that providing the latest in your listening, reading, viewing pleasures is akin to blog suicide… If you feel this way, then best toddle off. Right. Now. Because this is one of those posts. To those who have stayed, let me begin by saying ... Read More »