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In the Red Zone

On March 19, 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom began. Thanks to embedded reporters and video phones, the entire world watched as coalition forces wrestled control of Iraq from the iron grip of Saddam Hussein. Major combat operations were officially concluded on May 1, 2003. On January 30, 2005, national elections were held in Iraq. Again the world watched as her citizens ... Read More »

Book Review: The Arabian Nights Entertainment

I recently finished reading The Arabian Nights. (Yes, there are so many versions and translations – this one was the “Aldine” edition as translated by Dr. Jonathan Scott – available in paper form or electronic.) It took a few months to get through this work, partly because I was busy some of the time and partly because of its sheer ... Read More »

PC Game Review: Unreal Tournament 2004 – Red Orchestra

There are two new software releases tonight/tomorrow which have captured my attention. One of these you may have heard of: Half-Life 2 is a single player first person action game with what appear to be realistic physics. The game has been in production for years and the final product should be a very satisfying play. I purchased it a month ... Read More »

The Fred Factor – by Mark Sanborn

For many, ‘postal employee’ would be considered a negative term. It might invoke memories of long waits at the post office or inconvenient holidays. Some might even remember the rash of postal shooting sprees from the late 80s. This book has the potential to turn those negative connotations on their collective heads. In The Fred Factor, Mark Sanborn relates first-hand ... Read More »