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Digital media heresy 1 – DRM Destroys Value

DRM rewards cheats and punishes customers. We need a better way; de Soto & Omidyar show us it Read More »

UK MCPS monopoly threatens independent musicians

Miriam Rainsford's article on alternatives to standard publishing contracts for musicians points out the UK problems with the MCPS monopoly: Read More »

DRM Destroys Value

DRM Destroys Value – I’ve been saying this for a while, but Jupiter’s new survey backs it up with figures: According to the study, nearly twice as many online consumers are willing to pay $17.99 for a CD that has unrestricted copy abilities versus a CD at only $9.99 that cannot be copied. That is a somewhat convoluted sentence, but ... Read More »

Shannon Campbell Live

Shannon Campbell has gathered up 21 of her live recordings - remind me why we need a record industry again? Read More »

My Critiquees votes

I have a bit of a problem with this award, as most of music I listened to this year was rediscovered around my house on CDs from years back and ripped, or downloaded from independent musicians online who didn't issue albums. Timelessness is good. Transience is dull. Read More »

A taste of the future of music

Shannon Campbell and Scott Andrew LePera make beautiful music togther, although they've never met. Read More »

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

The outboard brain behind BoingBoing.net writes a novel to look forward to. Read More »