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Party Favor: Art Devolves into Commercial Fodder

If art his been dismantled into mere fodder for VIP parties, let's just party like it's 1999. Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): Drawing Expanse

A solid exhibition with a wide range of good work and a few surprises. Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): David Fobes at the Athenaeum

An artist's sustained engagement with duct tape. Read More »

Art Must Be Revolution

There's a certain comfort knowing that gesture has to some extent replaced any real meaning or ideas in art... Read More »

Cosmina and the Marquis de Sade

Cosmina would just smile at him and remove a shriveled bean from the jar. Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): All Great Art is Horse Sh*t, Buy Tacos – Tribute to Bukowski at JETT Gallery

Thirty San Diego artists pay homage to Charles Bukowski in paint, needlepoint, and more. Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): THIS IS A CITY

Home is where you store your dreams. Installation art by Alexander and Savannah Jarman. Read More »

Art Review (San Diego): Lee Puffer, “Being Human Now” at Art Produce Gallery

New ceramic works are breathless Read More »

Love, Sex, Boxing and Octopuses in Two Acts – Act I

I asked her to marry me one evening over the phone just after she returned to France... Read More »

Book Review: Cheating on the Metronome, New Verse by Scott Bourne

Love lost may never truly fade away. Read More »