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Neal Pollack still hates your pansy ass

Neal Pollack interviewed on Bookslut: “I think the word ‘pretentious’ applies to a lot of literature. It’s pretending it’s something it’s not. You know, slam poetry pretends that it’s poetry. Most literature pretends that it’s culturally relevant, when in fact, if it’s not the most irrelevant of popular art forms, it’s certainly up there. Considering the people who care about ... Read More »

Pete Townshend Reviews Kurt Cobain’s Journals

Kenan Hebert on Pete Townshend on Kurt Cobain. Whew! Read More »

Nick Hornby’s Top 10

Found on 12 Apostles: Nick Hornby counts down the ten songs he simply could not live without. That’s a pretty big list to make — one I would not even attempt. My reaction: 1) Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road – You must be kidding. Already, Nick and I are very different people, I can see. 2) The Clash – (White ... Read More »

Neko Case – Blacklisted

Blacklisted is, above all else, a triumph of delicate, late-night moodiness. Case has a long, dark highway in the back of her mind. Read More »

FSOL demos

Regarding my scathing review of the new FSOL: If you search on Soulseek for “amorphous androgynous the isness” you get an old demo version of the album. It’s oddly better. It’s not strikingly different, mind you, but it’s minus a few of the flourishes and vocals that push the retail version of the record past unpleasant and into outright annoying. ... Read More »

The Future Sound of London – The Isness

By trying to make psychedelic music, but neither trying to build on it or even respect its original spirit, The Isness is something more than bad. It's almost offensive. Read More »

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

The movie doesn't seem edited for quality of content, just content. As long as someone is saying something nice about Wilco, it goes in. Read More »

Lost Art: The Road Song

The Road was not only a place to travel, but a place to be, and sometimes a place to live. Not incidentally, a lot of songs were written about it. Read More »

The most grandiose list ever

Spainish music rag Rockdelux is celebrating its 200th issue with a list of the 200 Best Albums of the 20th Century. As one commenter points out, “I guess the 20th Century beats the hell out of the 19th Century for albums.” The list gets weird at times, being from Europe and all. I’ve never heard of “BENY MORE EL BARBARO ... Read More »

Peter Gabriel gets old

I'm not sure if it's his age or his ivory-tower status, but he comes across as painfully behind the times here. Read More »