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DVD Review: Duma

A boy and his cheetah in Africa. Suitable for children, but not complex enough to satisfy adult viewers. Read More »

DVD Review: Water

Visually sumptuous and important drama about the fate of widows in traditional Hindu culture. Read More »

Movie Review: Brick

Interesting academic exercise, putting high school students into a film noir situation, but ill-served by the writing and editing. Read More »

DVD Review: Der Tunnel

Tense and dramatic suspense/thriller based on the true story of a tunnel dug under the Berlin Wall. Read More »

DVD Review: Tristram Shandy – A Cock And Bull Story

A densely layered and convoluted satire on filmmaking, using the most "unfilmable" work in English literature as its subject. Read More »

DVD Review: Riding Giants

Excellent documentary on the evolution of surfing, appealing to non-surfers by playing up the human element. Read More »

DVD Review: Revengers Tragedy

Bold, genre-mixing update of a 1606 revenge play. Read More »

DVD Review: The Matador

Fun buddy picture that shows the flip side of Brosnan's sophisticated Bond persona, but a bit too lightweight. Read More »

DVD Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Excellent self-referential comedy/action/mystery with many nods to film noir conventions and classics. Read More »

DVD Review: I Love You, Alice B. Toklas

A 1968 period piece showcasing the clash of the conformist establishment with the hippie subculture. Read More »