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Monster’s Ball

Talk about movies with endings open to interpretation! Monster’s Ball stirs different emotions for everyone, depending on the viewer’s perception of the film. Forgiveness, prejudice, love, hate. These are some of the themes apparent in the movie. Monster’s Ball draws you in slowly, then envelops you in your own emotion. I was actually going through a difficult moment with my ... Read More »

Parabolic Reflections

The first thing I felt when I viewed Parabolic Reflections was intimidation. I’m reviewing the blog of an author! Not only is there such a tremendous amount of content to be reviewed (I think I should have been given a little bit more notice on this one, Sil!), but who am I to judge the work of an accomplished, professional ... Read More »

A Weblog About Weblogging

A Weblog About Weblogging This weblog was created and is maintained by he who calls himself Royby. The site doesn’t reveal much about this character other than the fact that he will be celebrating his birthday on the 10th of December. Happy Birthday, Royby! Royby’s site was “primarily built as a research site for Communication & Cyber Theory at Griffith ... Read More »