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Movie Review: The Fall – Tarsem Singh Gifts Us A Masterpiece

The Fall feels like a gift of a movie for which we should all send Tarsem Singh a thank you note. Read More »

It’s Not Sexism, Stupid, or My Struggle With Hillary Clinton

That anyone can look at Hillary Clinton and see a victim is the biggest mystery to me of all. Read More »

Agnes Shanklin Joins the Dreamers of the Day while Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day: A Review of Two Delightful Women Living History

Few have ever looked back on life and said "I'm so glad I threw away love when I had it in my hands." Read More »

ShoWest Diaries: Days 3 and 4 – Journey to the Center of the Earth, 21 Premier Party, and My Dinner With Christian Bale

In which our exhausted reporter loses track of time and space but gets her very own Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D spelunking head lamp. Read More »

ShoWest Diaries: Day Two – Hamlet 2, Kung Fu Panda, and Ang Lee

Our intrepid reporter finally gets to Dine With the Stars and learns a hard lesson about mixing tequila and Red Bull. Read More »

ShoWest Diaries: Day One

I’m a huge Eddie Murphy fan and I don’t want to see a fourteen foot high picture of Eddie Murphy’s face. Read More »

Christians Lose Their Compass: A Closer Look At Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy

Pullman raises issues which we should be embracing, such as the importance of free will and the danger of religious oligarchy. Read More »

Movie Review: Some Enchanted Hitman – A Completely Random Film Festival

I chose Enchanted and Hitman based on the promise they would nicely complement my feast of nachos, Slurpee, and Red Vines. Read More »

Can’t Two Men In Caftans Have A Wizard Duel Without It Being Gay?

It's a world which, now given permission, will do it's damnedest to reduce the character of Dumbledore into a caricature in rainbow robes. Read More »

Television’s Merciless Onslaught: The Season So Far – Damages, Torchwood, Journeyman, Big Bang Theory, and Bionic Woman

The formula for Entertainment Value: EV= (Plot+Humor+Suspense)Enjoyment/Time+Emotional Investment. Read More »