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Reflections on Seattle and Blacksburg: Humanity and Technology, Violence and Guns

Twin tragedies should not lead to a knee-jerk legislative response. Read More »

The Campaign For President: Is It Worth The Cost?

Pundits are predicting a billion dollar presidential campaign. What does this mean? And are we ready for a change? Read More »

Supreme Court Says EPA Can Regulate Car Emissions

Supreme Court tells Environmental Protection Agency to get on with its job and regulate car emissions. Read More »

DP World Port Deal Hits Yet Another Snag

NY and NJ Port Authority exercise contract authority to review port sale contemplated by DP World. Read More »

GOP Ad Features Visions of Terrorists

Comparisons to 1964's "Daisy" miss key differences, although both focus on fear. Read More »

Economist and Political Advisor John K Galbraith Dies at 97

Listen to Galbraith address such taboo subjects as corporate power to understand what honest economists should be confronting now. Read More »

Net Neutrality Moves To Center Stage In The House

Do Internet service providers and network owners have the right to interfere with the content on the sites they host? Read More »

Former Majority Leader DeLay To Resign, Drops Out of Re-Election Contest

DeLay To Resign by June; Second Aide Pled Guilty to Conspiracy on Friday Read More »

Time to Raise Hell With Network Webcasts

Online television news is like an infrastructure that should be accessible to all citizens, regardless of operating system. Read More »

GAO: Katrina-Related Contracting Practices Reflect Waste, Layers of Byzantine Networks

Taxpayers foot ticket for unnecessary, unrequested renovations costing $1.7 million per occupant. Read More »